Why I Do Not Do SEO

If you want to reach out to prospective customers who are online, there are two ways of doing it. One is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and the other is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These two together make up Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

PPC means you pay search engines like Google for each click on your Ad. Your Ad appears on the top or to the right side of the results page when a user searches for something. SEO is the process of doing what is necessary to come up in “organic” listings that appears towards the left side of the search page.

There are two main factors when considering PPC and SEO – cost and timeframe. Cost for SEO varies depending on the number of keywords, competition, agency, etc. The cost for PPC is mainly determined by competition and how well you implement the Adwords campaign.

Timeframe is however the main distinguishing factor between PPC and SEO. SEO takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months to show results. Even then there is no guarantee for the results. PPC campaigns can be developed within hours and once implemented will show up on search engines within minutes.

Therefore when doing PPC, you can test, experiment, tweak, optimize and re-test in a short period of time. The feedback loop is short and the results can be measured down to the last click.

Therefore SEO is more like ‘magic’ and PPC more like ‘science’. I cannot do magic. I will stick to science!

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