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I started using Adwords in 2004. Adwords has come a long way since the early years of the past decade. Google’s effort to make Adwords more and more useful to the end user is the consistent theme behind the changes that Adwords has seen.

In the beginning it was much easier to get started with Adwords. For example you did not even need to have your own webpage to use Adwords. That was the era when affiliate marketers used to send clicks on their Ads directly to a merchant’s page. In order to improve the user experience and to give the user wider choices, Google changed their policy. Adwords would not show multiple Ads leading to the same landing page. Google then went on to add quality scores for keywords that take into consideration not only the keywords and ads, but also the landing page and user experience. This has helped to make ads on Google much more relevant to users.

Like this, each change that Google makes in its Adwords policy has the potential to become a challenge for Adwords advertisers. Having seen many of these hurdles over the past years, I am confident of providing my clients with the best advice when they are facing such challenges. The key is to align your interest with that of Google – provide users with a great search experience.

Till a few years back click costs on Google Adwords were relatively low when compared to what they are now. It was easier to run a profitable pay per click campaign as the competition was less fierce. Even if your campaign was not in the best shape, it was still able to give good return on investment (ROI).

Now the scenario has changed. Competition for keywords is cut throat and unless you are an Adwords ninja, you will find the cost per click to be prohibitive. You will find that no matter what you do, your ads do not come up in the top positions. You come to realize that competitors are eating away the traffic that should have come your way.

Do not despair. I can help you get your campaigns in the perfect shape. I can identify the areas where you will be able to make drastic improvements. I will also be able to point out simple changes that can have radical effects on your campaigns. Like the small hinges that swing big doors, these changes can bring down your cost per click while at the same time improving your click through rate (CTR).

I have spent innumerable hours on Adwords tweaking and testing, getting to know how the Adwords machine works. I have seen everything related to Adwords – from simple ad disapprovals to much feared Google ban and slaps. I have spent thousands of dollars on books, memberships and mastermind clubs learning the skills, applying the techniques, testing and experimenting. When you hire me all this expertise is on your side. You do not have to do the digging and searching. I will point out the treasure to you.

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