Very Real And Tangible Outcomes

"Joseph quickly got up to speed on the current state of our Adwords account and got a grasp of the nature of our non-profit. He succeeded in adding dozens of successful keywords, making them more specific to our cause but still general enough to appeal to the concerns of people who would be looking for an organization like ours. Quality scores for our keywords before averaged around 3, but after Joseph's help many were as high as 7. Our non-profit is a pioneer in a very new area: cultured meat development, so identifying keywords that would lead interested people to our ads was very challenging. Joseph succeeded in greatly increasing the number of people that clicked on our ads, and the right kind of people, because for the first time we started seeing donations from our ads. The results speak for themselves: our click-through rates went from under 1% to over 3% in just a few weeks, and our CPC went down as well. As a brand new and very small non-profit our resources are limited, and in contrast to one other professional we consulted with, who stated it would take 10 hours just for him to get familiar with our organization, Joseph offered to start off our relationship with him optimizing our entire Adwords account in just 10 hours, charged us a very affordable rate, and got very real and tangible outcomes for us in that time. He has also offered to make his services available to us in the future on an as-needed basis. Because of his flexibility and ability to accommodate our specific needs, we will definitely be using his services in the future."

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Sherrie Tullsen Chin

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