60% Reduction In Google Adwords Cost

"Joseph has been of tremendous help to our business. We only wish we had found him sooner. Within the first month, he has cut our Google AdWords costs about 60% to bring in the same number of leads. After Joseph’s work making our Google AdWords campaigns more effective and targeted, we have found our leads to be much easier to convert.

Joseph is very responsive and results-focused, and very accessible. He has kept us informed about what strategies he’s using, as well as provided detailed recommendations for strategies to use in the future, so that we can continue to implement them ourselves.

We would highly recommend Joseph to any business that has been using Google AdWords and is dissatisfied with their current results – in terms of customer acquisition cost or the quality of leads. We were new to Google AdWords, and found the cost unsustainable after a few months. Working with Joseph has helped us put strategies in place that will effectively bring us leads in a cost-effective, sustainable manner in the future. We really benefited from Joseph's expertise."
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Ramu Muthangi
CEO, ApnaCare.in

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