Fees For One Time Optimization With Guarantee

As you work with me, you will understand that my consultation fee is not something that will come out of your pocket. It comes out of the savings that I bring to you by optimizing your account. In fact my guarantee is that if you do not regain my consultation fee within 45 days, I will refund my fee.

Here is an example of how my consultation fee is charged and how the process works.

Citadel Pvt. Ltd. has an account that spends on an average $2,000 monthly on Adwords. The fee I charge once we decide to work together is 30% of $2,000. That is $600.

I expect to make improvements to Citadel’s Adwords account so that they save at least 30% by means of decreased costs or increased sales. Citadel will end up saving $600 every month due to the improvements that I make to their Adwords campaigns.

Citadel should recover my fee within 30 days. After that the savings just accumulates month after month.

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  • Average Adwords Spend per Month
  • My Fee
  • Savings from Optimization per Month
  • Days to Recover my Fee
  • $2,000
  • $600
  • $600
  • 30