My Fees

(Based on feedback from clients, I have increased the fees starting September 1st, 2013. To know why I increased the fees, please click here)

I work with clients in one of four ways:

1. Adwords/PPC Monthly Management

First Month: $300/month for Accounts that spend up to $2,000/month. 15% if above $2,000/month.
2nd Month Onwards: $200/month for Accounts that spend up to $2,000/month. 10% if above $2,000/month.

2. One Time Optimization With Guarantee - I can work in this way only with clients who have an existing Adwords account and have been spending minimum of $2,000 per month on search.
One time: 30% of average monthly spends on Adwords. This method is described in more detail here

3. One-on-One Consultation
Please contact me for details.

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