"...Within the first month, he has cut our costs about 60%....We would highly recommend Joseph...." read full testimonial Ramu Muthangi, CEO, ApnaCare.in

"...this guy is an absolute legend....Great job and all I can say is thank you thank you thank you..." read full testimonial Jim Moustakas, VisionAir.com.au

"...can't say anything but great things about him....delivers exactly what you're looking..." read full testimonial Dr. Joe James, Marriage Counselor
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My Fees

I work with clients in one of four ways:

1. Adwords/PPC Tune Up

2. One Time Optimization With Guarantee - I can work in this way only with clients who have an existing Adwords account and have been spending minimum of $2,000 (or INR 1L) per month on search.

3. Adwords/PPC Monthly Management

4. One-on-One Consultation

Each type of project has a different fee structure. Please contact me for details.

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(Based on feedback from clients, I have increased the fees starting September 1st, 2015. To know why I increased the fees, please click here)